• Everyone is asked to wear a face mask.
  • Everyone will be expected to adhere to the CDC social/physical distancing guidelines.
  • Grace Hill Farms will provide Germ-X to use before and after the ride. 
  • On the trailer you will be sitting with those who you came with and we will be skipping a seat  between groups.

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Experience the Thrill of the Zombie Apocalypse at Grace Hill Farms!

Join the Zombie Hunt and Help Restore Order to Our Farm!

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived and Grace Hill Farms needs your help! Help us bring order back to our farm by joining in the zombie hunt.  In this interactive thrill ride, we will drive you deep into the zombie infested woods and test your survival skills.  Climb onto one of our Zombie Assault Vehicles (ZAVs) equipped with a customized mounted weapon loaded with glow-in-the dark zombie killing serum. Your ZAV team will go deep into the woods where the zombies have overrun our farm.  Humanity is counting on you!  Shoot fast, shoot true and eliminate the zombies!

 This fun, all-ages, family-friendly ride is about 30 minutes in length from start to finish with black-lights, glowing paintballs and a heart-thumping sound system.  This one-of- a-kind intense ride will have your adrenaline rushing hard and fast!  We open at 6:30 p.m. the first ride will leave when the sun goes down and ticket sales closes at 9:30. Hurry to 22611 Grace Hill Lane, Athens, AL to join the fun! If you are looking for a thrilling and exciting time BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW!  Most nights we sell out so  make sure not to miss your opportunity.  Ticket bundling is an option- you’ll save $!  The zombies are here!
Stand with Grace Hill Farms and fight!

Dates, Times & Tickets


  •  40 persons per ZAV
  •  100 rounds of zombie-killing serum per person. Shoot
  •  Throughout the ride, LIVE zombies will try to approach
    the ZAV and your job is to annihilate them! Don’t worry
    the zombies will NOT be shooting back at you.
  •  Additionally, there will be other fun activities available
    before and after shooting zombies. We just ask that you
    either arrive early to do them before the ride or hang
    around after your ride. We ask that if you plan on doing
    other main events like the walking mission or the escape
    room please do not be entered in the virtual line que for
    the ride till you are done with those. We just want to
    make sure when we text you that it is your turn to ride
    that you are available. Check out the activities.
  •  Hungry?  We have a Food Truck onsite. Check our
    website to see who will be with us each week.


  • Step 1) Click on any date on our “Buy Tickets Now”
    calendar and you will be directed to our ticketing site.
  • Step 2) Determine what day you plan to come for your
    personal Zombie hunt experience.
  • Step 3) Bring a screen shot of the
    QR to the event

We highly suggest purchasing online as tickets sale are limited to a set number every night and this will help ensure you get a ticket!

Latest News:

For our Latest News on your mobile device – Check out our Facebook Page!


When you arrive, please do not check in till your entire group has arrived. This is the only way we can ensure that you will all ride  together. Once you are checked you will receive your first text letting you know you are now in the virtual line. When it is your time to ride, we will send you a second text with instruction of where to go. Please do not try to enter the line before you receive your second text. Go out and enjoy the other activities!

We ask that you do not do the escape room or the walking mission before your ride if you would like to do either of those before the ride, please do not have our staff put you in the virtual line for the thrill ride until you complete your other events. If you miss your turn for the ride it will bump you to the end of the wait list. 

We make every effort to minimize wait times.  However, there are lots of moving parts to our event and sometimes we experience delays. Please just try to enjoy the time with your family and friends!


Please review Park Rules

and our Q&A Page.

Dates and Times subject to change. **Check our Facebook Page for weather notices, this could happen right before opening gates so please keep an eye on Facebook and emails.


All attractions are “Enter at Your Own Risk.” By entering the premises, you waive liability, assume all risks, and agree to comply with the Park Rules and local/state/federal laws. (Language below is required to be posted pursuant to to AL Code S 6-5-347)


“Under Alabama law, an agritourism professional is not liable for injury, sickness, or damage to, or the death of, a participant in an agritourism activity at this location if the injury, sickness, damage, or death results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity.

“Inherent risks of an agritourism activity include risks of injury, sickness, damage, or death inherent to land, equipment, and animals as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury, sickness, damage, or death, or for another participant to act in a manner that may cause your injury, sickness, damage, or death.

“You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.”


While you're here don't forget to stop by and see what animals we have to pet. Sometimes we have goats or a miniature Herford

Corn Hole


Shooting Gallery

Before you head off into the woods, hone your skills at the Shooting Gallery. We’ve created a tactical training center where you can fine tune your aim and simulate the Hunt ahead of you. Listen to your trainer to learn what it takes to survive. Practice makes perfect, so do your best to hit your marks. Better hurry, we can’t keep the zombies chained up for much longer! When you’re done, you just might have what it takes to be a Real Zombie Hunter after all! (All Ages!) This inexpensive add-on attraction has lots of targets. Get your best price when you bundle!

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Zombie Mission - Walking Trail

New this year! Come check out our new Zombie Mission- Walking Trail. This is not a leisurely walk through the woods!Here participants are armed with pump-action zombie assault weapons (paintball guns) and hunt zombies on foot.  The 300 yard trail is lit only by the flashlight mounted in your assault weapon. Please make sure to wear appropriate shoes.

Movies at the Farm

Enjoy a blockbuster hit on the Giant 16′ Movie Screen in the “Zombie-Free Zone” while you wait. All of our movies are intended to be PG or PG-13. Oh, and bring your appetite, as there will be a food truck. When the movie is over, stick around for some more zombie hunting fun! Movies at the Farm are completely FREE to ticket holders! Bring your family and friends and enjoy a great time together under the stars!


Grace Hill Farms - Athens, AL

Giving Back

Grace Hill Farms is owned and operated by Christians who have a heart for local charities and a desire to be a blessing to the community. Each year Grace Hill Farms will choose a charity to benefit. When you support Grace Hill Farms, you are supporting a local charitable organization and blessing countless people in the process.

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